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Featured art from a variety of issues, include (above) The Block by Romare Bearden; his 18-foot mural celebrating Harlem was on view at The Met, Spring 2010. Six panels, each: 48 x 36 in. Cut and pasted printed, colored and metallic papers, photostats, pencil, ink marker, gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on Masonite. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shore, 1978 © Romare Bearden Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY


CONSCIOUS: (adjective)

aware, cognizant rational

capable of thought design or perception.



i.e.: intelligent journalism for discriminating readers.


The Conscious Voice is, quite simply put, one of the most exciting magazines that you have ever seen! Like our website, every page is an experience! We know that every so many years, a singular voice breaks through the pack and becomes a leader; we are that voice!


Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2006, we are the preeminent voice of diversity in aRT + cULTURE + dESIGN. We are...


BOLD + ENLIGHTENING, extremely entertaining, UNAPOLOGETIC + independent + UNAFRAID!



The original concept for The Conscious Voice Magazine was that it would be a program guide for a radio talk show that I created, of the same name. The show aired briefly on WRFD 880 AM, but went off the air before I could launch the magazine. So I moved forward anyway! We debuted in January 2006, through a strategic partnership with the City of Columbus, OH King Day Celebration. Our focus was art, culture and life. Later we added style. Before I knew it, huge doors had opened up for me to to cover major contemporary artists, like Kerry James Marshall, Kehinde Wiley, iona rozeal brown and Mark Bradford.

In 10-years we’ve evolved from regional coverage of the Midwest and the East Coast. In 2017, we will evolve yet again! Stay tuned! It’s going to be good! Follow on Twitter at @ConsciousVMag and be the first to find out!

You can see our entire 10-year evolution on Tumblr!

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- Janel St. John, Founder & Publisher




Artwork above by Atta Kwami, Andy Warhol, Reuben Toledo and Leoma Lovegrove

(above) Barack-FDR by C.F. Payne For Time, March 23, 2009 mixed media, Lent by the Artist. Famous Faces, Average Joes: The Work of C.F. Payne
was on view at the Cincinnati Art Museum in Fall '09.